Lucius D. Clay Medal

The FGAC presents its highest award, the General Lucius D. Clay Medal, yearly to German or American personalities who have contributed greatly to the development and strengthening of German-American relations and friendship.

The Medal was first awarded in 1980 in honor of General Lucius D. Clay, one of the founders of the Federation of German-American Clubs.  Lucius D. Clay had previously received the Konrad-Adenauer-Prize and donated that prize, 32,000 German Marks to the Federation.

The round, silver Medal has the likeness and the name General Lucius D. Clay, as well as his dates of life, on the front side.  The backside carries the inscription “For outstanding contributions to German-American friendship”.  The Medal is awarded yearly as part of the celebration of German-American Day by the President of the Federation of German-American Clubs.

General Lucius D. Clay

Lucius Dubignon Clay (April 4, 1897 – April 16, 1978) was appointed as General Dwight David Eisenhower’s deputy in 1945.  From 1947 to 1949 he was the military governor of the U.S. occupation zone in Germany.  General Clay ordered and organized the Berlin Airlift which began on June 24th, 1948 and lasted more than 15 months.

Because of his experience and his support for the young Federal Republic of Germany, President John Kennedy made General Clay his personal advisor on Berlin questions in 1961 and 1962.


2019Dr. Christoph von Marschall, Journalist (Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin)
2018Prof. Dr. Susan Neiman, Philosopher and Director of the Einstein Forum
2017Dirk Nowitzki, Basketball Player
2016Friedrich Merz, Chairman Atlantik-Brücke e.V.
2015Gail Halvorsen, Colonel Retired U.S. Air Force
2014Ruediger Lentz, Director, Aspen Institute, Germany (since 2013)
2013Prof. Dr. Werner Michael Blumenthal, Director of the Jewish Museum in Berlin
2012Philip Murphy, Ambassador of the USA to Germany
2011Fred B. Irwin, President AmCham Germany
2010Brigadier General Thomas Reiter, Member of the Executive Board of the German Aerospace Center, Astronaut
2009Dr. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (since 2005)
2008Karsten D. Voigt, Coordinator for German-American Cooperation, Foreign Service Germany (1998-2009)
2007Don F. Jordan, US-Journalist (Deutsche Welle TV, 1994-2005)
2006Michel Perraudin, Adidas Board (1989-2005); Board President of the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry ( 2004-2007); Chairman of the Board and co-founder of the Franconian International School (FIS)
2005Jürgen Graf, Chief Reporter for RIAS (Radio in the American Sector, 1945-1964)
2004Dr. Luther Frederick Carter, President, Francis Marion University (since 1999) State Secretary Klaus Rüter (1991-1994)
2003General Wolfgang Altenburg, Inspector General of the Bundeswehr (1983-1986)
2002Dr. Bernhard Vogel, Minister President of the state of Thuringia (1992-2003)
2001Prof. Dr. Meredith McClain, Director of Germanic Studies, Texas Tech University, USA (since 1981)
2000Robert H. Lochner, Radio RIAS Berlin, Press Spokesman for General Lucius D. Clay (1945-1949)
1999Dr. Walter Leisler-Kiep, Chairman of the Atlantik-Brücke e.V. (1984-2000)
1998Prof. Dr. Weidenfeld, Coordinator for German-American Cooperation, German Foreign Service (1987-1999)
1997Dr. Edmund Stoiber, Minister President of the State of Bavaria (1992-2007)
1996General Klaus Naumann, Inspector General of the Bundeswehr (1991-1996)
1995General John Shalikasvill, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, US Army (1995-1997)
1994Hans-Dietrich Genscher, German Foreign Minister (1974-1991)
1993General John R. Galvin, Supreme Allied Commander-Europe, US Army (1987-1992)
1992Admiral Dieter Wellershoff, Inspector General of the Bundeswehr (1986-1991)
1991Vernon A. Walters, US Ambassador to Germany (1989-1991)
1990Berndt von Staden, German Ambassador to the USA (1963-1968)
1989Lee H. Hamilton, Indiana, member of U.S. House of Represenatives (1964-1999)
1988Dr. Dieter Kronzucker, journalist and TV reporter (ARD und ZDF, 1965-1991)
1987Walter J. Stoessel Jr., US Ambassador to Germany (1976-1980)
1986Prof. Dr. Karl Carstens, President of the Federal Republic of Germany (1979-1984)
1985Eleanor Lansing Dulles, Diplomat, US State Department („Berlin Desk“, 1949-1962)
1984Manfred Rommel, Lord Mayor of the city of Stuttgart (1974-1996)
1983Louis Ferdinand Prinz von Preußen, co-founder of the Federation of German-American Clubs (Bad Kissingen,1946)
1982General George S. Blanchard, Commander US Army, Europe (1975-1977)
1981Dr. Alfons Goppel, Minister President of the state of Bavaria (1962-1977)
1980John J. McCloy, US High Commissioner for Germany (1949-1952)